Motor Control Solutions for Industrial and Material Handling Equipment

Our name, PE®or Power Electronics® International, Inc.® is synonymous with quality, heavy-duty VFDs and motor control equipment.

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Pictured is a legacy (non-current) CX™ model size. Click on the model names in the table to view more information.

Previously-available CX™ models and suggested replacements

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Legacy Models*
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HPMax Amps (FLA)Replacement Models*
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208-230 VAC208-230 VAC
M2523CXR | M2523CXRH2568 AMMX2523U | MMX2523UH
M3023CXR | M3023CXRH3095 AMMX3023U | MMX3023UH
M4023CXR | M4023CXRH40119 AMMX4023U | MMX4023UH
380-415 VAC380-415 VAC
M2538CXR | M2538CXRH18.5 (kW)35 AMMX2538U | MMX2538UH
M3038CXR | M3038CXRH22 (kW)45 AMMX3038U | MMX3038UH
M4038CXR | M4038CXRH30 (kW)56 AMMX4038U | MMX4038UH
460 VAC460 VAC
M2546CXR | M2546CXRH2535 AMMX2546U | MMX2546UH
M3046CXR | M3046CXRH3045 AMMX3046U | MMX3046UH
M4046CXR | M4046CXRH4056 AMMX4046U | MMX4046UH
575 VAC575 VAC
M2557CXR | M2557CXRH2528 AMMX2557U | MMX2557UH
M3057CXR | M3057CXRH3036 AMMX3057U | MMX3057UH
M4057CXR | M4057CXRH4045 AMMX4057U | MMX4057UH
*Or these same models with a “-XX” suffix. Models ending with “H” are preset for hoisting/lifting applications.