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Our name, PE®or Power Electronics® International, Inc.® is synonymous with quality, heavy-duty VFDs and motor control equipment.
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About Power Electronics® International Inc.®

Pictured is our company founder, Victor J. Habisohn with the first prototype of the Central Timing Equipment used on all Apollo and Lunar Excursion Module (L.E.M.) missions.
Victor J. Habisohn with the first prototype of the Central Timing Equipment used on all NASA Apollo and Lunar Excursion Module (L.E.M.) missions.

Power Electronics® International Inc.® was founded by Victor J. Habisohn in 1969.

Pictured is Victor J. Habisohn with the first prototype of the Central Timing Equipment used on all Apollo and Lunar Excursion Module (L.E.M.) missions. Victor was the initial Program Manager for the Design and Manufacturing of the Timing Equipment. The Timing Equipment provided critical time accumulation and synchronizing signals for the major communications and Electronic Systems aboard the Apollo Command Module and the L.E.M. The Central Timing Equipment had the highest reliability requirement of all the Electronic Systems in the Command Module and L.E.M. Under his guidance, we have effectively transferred this philosophy of high quality, reliability, and safety to our product line.

Power Electronics® International, Inc.® started in Chicago, Illinois designing variable frequency drives and A.C. soft-starts specifically for CRANES.

PE® is also one of the early pioneers of solid-state A.C. motor soft-start controls and complete control panels. Currently located in East Dundee, Illinois, our new multilevel manufacturing production facility allows PE® to maintain and increase product quality, reliability, and offer short lead times to our customers.

As a world-class manufacturer of Micro-Speed® variable frequency drives and Smooth-Move® reduced torque control units, PE® equipment is world-renowned for high reliability and quality. Multi-Vector® drives also make PE® the world leader in heavy-duty closed-loop quality hoist speed control. With over a quarter of a million crane/hoist motions utilizing Power Electronics® International, Inc. equipment, you can be assured if it’s PE® then it’s the best! PE® is also a U.L. and C-U.L. approved manufacturer of quality control panels and automation systems.

PE® has been providing American-made Quality and Reliability since 1969.
Look for the PE® mark of quality.

The Gold Standard for Motor Control

Micro-Speed® series MV-Ultra™, MX-Ultra™, CX™ & Smart-Move® drives are the key components of your future crane electronic drive system. Incredibly robust, PE® equipment is well known to be the most reliable, the easiest to use and install, and the gold standard for crane control.

A.C. squirrel cage induction motors are characterized as being “constant-speed” when they are run from a typical 50 Hz or 60 Hz power source. If the power source frequency (Hz) can be adjusted, the motor speed can be varied and the actual running speed of the motor and other functions can be controlled. This is where Power Electronics® International, Inc.® comes in.   Simply put, Micro-Speed® variable speed crane drives use the existing A.C. (alternating current) and change it into D.C. (direct current) via an electronic technique called PWM (pulse width modulation). The D.C. is then turned back into Variable Frequency Alternating Current (V.F.A.C.). By varying the frequency (Hz), the motor speed can be controlled. And by adding modern state-of-the-art microprocessor computer technology, all types of extra features are added to make your crane, through the Micro-Speed® drive, have an “intelligence” of its own. Older retrofit cranes and new cranes can be inexpensively converted to have almost “Star Wars” type of robotic control. All with just a standard, off-the-shelf, A.C. motor which already comes on your A.C. bridge/trolley or hoist.  

PE® drives have become the single most productive and cost-effective choice for updating industrial, government, and commercial job sites.

Look for the PE® mark of quality.

Why choose Power Electronics® International, Inc.® drives for your crane/hoist applications?

PE® products are:

  • Engineered, Designed & Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Specifically engineered for Crane and Hoist use.
  • We design specifically to target the needs of the crane industry instead of providing generic/all-purpose products that are then modified to work for a given application.
  • High-reliability circuitry — no extra parts or cards required to make it work.
  • Upgrade-Path Philosophy™ – Drives are upward compatible with newer units in both software familiarity (Gang-Set) and physical sizing – including MV-Ultra™ and MX-Ultra™ units.
  • You deal directly with the manufacturer and not a middleman.
  • You get technical support direct from the company that manufactures the product.
  • Our products are continuously improved and seamlessly integrated. Your company benefits from the fact that our engineering consistently hits the mark.
  • Our Sales Engineers, Technical Support, and Customer Care teams all focus on every aspect of the user experience from the quoting stage, product implementation, and ongoing product service.
  • Call, email, chat, or use our online tools to reach us! We have knowledgeable REAL experts ready to answer, and we know how to do more than simply follow a script.
  • Power Electronics® International, Inc.® products are known as THE MOST RELIABLE IN THE INDUSTRY!
  • PE® Drives have the best ratings in the Industry! The temperature rating alone is 50% higher.

Why not buy the best? Worry-Free from PE®!

PE® products are found wherever heavy-duty, mill-grade equipment require precision controls and handling.

The Difference

Designed for Cranes and Hoists

PE® VFDs, Soft-Starts, and motor control products are made specifically to address demanding crane and hoist needs.


It is our philosophy that our equipment should be quick and easy to upgrade or replace in the field. All past and present methods of programming are subsets of future drive models. This is our Upgrade-Path™ philosophy.

Made In America – Built to Last

We are proud to design, engineer, and manufacture all our equipment in our facility in East Dundee, Illinois USA

Power Electronics® International Inc.® is a member of:

PE® is a member of the CMAA.
PE® is a member of the MHI.
PE® is a member of the ECMA.

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