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Our name, PE®or Power Electronics® International, Inc.® is synonymous with quality, heavy-duty VFDs and motor control equipment.

Encoders and Encoder Accessories

PE® encoders and encoder accessories are built to work with our closed-loop Multi-Vector and MV-Ultra™ VFDs and in heavy-duty applications.

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PE® is a manufacturer and distributor of hollow-bore and rotary encoders. Save time and money buying your crane controls and encoder directly from PE®.

Our proprietary hoist encoder design uses a 3/8″ or a 1″ hollow shaft, sealed bearings, and has a high-temperature, rugged design. PE® keeps several sizes of heavy-duty encoders and their related accessories in stock. Our encoders are guaranteed to work with our closed-loop Multi-Vector™ drives, and are available for quick delivery! Select an option below for more information, and request a quote today for pricing!

PE® also has access to a full lineup of many other encoder sizes, types, and accessories. If you don't see the item you need listed on this page, contact us with your requirements!

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