Motor Control Solutions for Industrial and Material Handling Equipment

Our name, PE®or Power Electronics® International, Inc.® is synonymous with quality, heavy-duty VFDs and motor control equipment.

Micro-Speed® OEM Drives

Pictured is an example of a Micro-Speed® Design (MD™) VFD – built for a specialized hoist model or application.

Product Description

Specialized PE® motor-controllers and control equipment can be found in several brands of quality chain hoists, conical-rotor hoists, and other specialized material handling equipment. These controllers are designed exclusively for those manufacturers and are typically only available for purchase directly from these manufacturers (or authorized distributors of those manufacturers).

For service, and for technical assistance with the PE® product, please contact PE® directly.

For assistance with the hoist operation, hoist components and/or parts, and for new/replacement sales inquiries about the MD™ units, please contact the manufacture (or a distributor) of the hoist itself.

General specifications for some of our common MD™ model numbers:*

MD-ECH™ (hoist with load brake)MD-ECH™ (hoist with load brake; w/ closed contact controls)MD-VCP™ (NO load brake chain hoist; w/ closed contact controls)HP Rating
208-230 VAC Models
380-415 VAC Models
460 VAC Models
575 VAC Models

*Contact PE® if you need assistance with an MD™ model not listed here.