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Customer Care and Services

At Power Electronics® International Inc.® , we take Customer Care to the next level and make every effort to go beyond the industry norm.

We feel that if the customer feels comfortable working with Power Electronics® – not just before the purchase, but after the purchase – a better relationship can be built. Some examples of this are order confirmations on every order, immediate shipping information on RED or BLUE orders, same-day shipments (even same-day deliveries), quick turnaround on repairs, and more, when necessary. We hope to fulfill our customer’s needs and keep a growing relationship with them

We ask that you use the Quick-Links offered on this page to better assist you!

  • If you have a PE® product that needs to be evaluated for service or repair, you can use our Product Service Request Form to submit your request.
  • If you would like to contact our Product Service team regarding an existing Customer Care item, or if you are having trouble with the Product Service Request Form, you can use our Customer Care Inquiry Form.
  • We also offer training classes! Follow the links on this page for more information or to register.