Gang-Set® Programming

If you have just installed a PE® drive, or if you would like to return your drive to some recommended default values, you can perform a Gang-Set. When the drive is Gang-Set, each “A” parameter is programmed to a factory chosen value. Since each A parameter is reprogrammed each time a Gang-Set® is initiated, all previous custom adjustments to the A parameters will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended that all fine-tuning of individual A parameters must be done after performing a Gang-Set, not before.

The Gang-Set® procedure is initiated by pressing and holding all three buttons on the front of the PE® drive. Use the increase/decrease buttons to cycle through the available Gang-Set® options (listed below), and then hold the Scroll/Load button to load the program or exit.

The video below offers a step-by-step walk-through of performing a Gang-Set® procedure.

Gang-Set® Reference Table

Gang-Set® for Traverse Motions (Ramp Mode)*Description
Pb 0No change, use to exit Gang-Set® mode without changing current settings.
Pb022-step push-button infinitely variable
Pb033-step push-button infinitely variable
Pb043 or 5 speed, can be used for 1, 2, 3-speeds
Gang-Set® for Hoist Control (Coast Mode)*Description
PH 0 No change, use to exit Gang-Set® mode without changing
PH053-step push-button infinitely variable
PH063 or 5 speed, can be used for 1, 2, 3-speeds
PH07N/A (MSM), 5-speed with low speed potentiometer on pendant control (CX, MX, and MV)
PH082-step push-button infinitely variable
*Gang-Sets 1-4 are only available when the drive is programmed for ramp mode, and 5-8 are only available when in coast mode. Refer to your manual or call PE® for further information about ramp/coast mode programming.

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