Regeneration resistors, Encoders, Motors, Panel Components, and More!

Regeneration Resistors are a necessity on all horizontal motion (bridge/trolley/monorail) applied Variable Speed drives.  Regeneration Resistors on PE® drives are not required on the majority of hoists with Weston type style INTERNAL load brakes – this is another unique feature of PE® drives on hoist applications.  Smart-Move® drives and the CX™ model size a2 and […]

PE® is a manufacturer and distributor of hollow bore and rotary encoders. Save time and money buying your crane controls and encoder directly from PE. PE’s proprietary hoist encoder design uses a 3/8″ or a 1″ hollow shaft, sealed bearings, and has a high-temperature, rugged design. Download the information sheet below for more information, and […]

PE® can help you find replacement contactors for many brands of high quality contactors. Call us to ask for a quote. Available for new, retrofit, or replacement crane and hoist systems – many are in stock for immediate delivery! Complete standard and custom control panels are available for your application.

Power Electronics® International, Inc can supply many A.C. Motor Packages, including: Reuland Crane & Hoist Motors Marathon Electric Motors Call PE® to order your complete crane & hoist control panel, A.C. Motor, and encoder package today  –  1-800-362-7959  

All PE® Products are Made in the U.S.A. <span class=notranslate>PE</span><sup>®</sup> made in USA

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